Getting Good Writing Jobs

New freelancers may find it challenging to find writing jobs that fit their interests with limited experience. Opportunities for new writers exist, but you need to know where to find them.

Story Writing Jobs - Are They Easy To Come By?

In the freelance writing world, story writing is classified under creative writing. Creative writing is more difficult research and even academic writing. This is because even if almost every freelance writer can do research writing, not every writer has the creative wit to write a story. This is why finding story writing freelance jobs online is a little more tricky than others. However, just like other freelance writing jobs, you can get work from the comfort of your home.

Where To Get Creative Writing Jobs From Home

1. Check The ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger job board is an extensive platform for creative writers who are interested in getting freelance story writing jobs. Only serious clients who are ready to do business post ads on this job board. The amount of money you'll get per piece depends on the client and your level of experience on the platform. Apart from the creative story writing jobs, you'll also find copywriting and academic freelance writing jobs. Most of the creative writing job ads on ProBlogger are from companies and not individuals.

2. Check Out SolidGigs

This platform is not like the regular job board because those in charge search the web for the best freelance writing jobs and post them on the board for maximum visibility. This way, you'll not need to waste time searching for individual jobs online. To benefit from the board job, however, you need to pay the $19 monthly subscription. Apart from the numerous story writing gigs, you will find on SolidGigs, you'll also gain access to blog posts and interviews that will help you get on top of your game.

3. Check Out FlexJobs

Another great place to get story writing gigs is FlexJobs. You'll need to subscribe to $14.95 for monthly access to the job board. The platform has an option that allows you to turn on notifications. So, wherever there is a new job posting online, you'll be notified via email. The job ads you'll receive depend on the category, preferred work schedule, and experience you choose. This way, you'll be able to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

4. Check Out LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is currently one of the best places online to build a professional network. It doesn't matter if you are looking for story writing jobs or any other remote job. As you build your network on LinkedIn, you can go to LinkedIn jobs and search for freelance writing jobs. Keep in mind that most of the jobs on LinkedIn are location-based. However, you may still find remote jobs if you search thoroughly.

5. Check Out Opportunities Of The Week

This is one of the best apps for new freelance writers who need a safe space to work and don't have a lot of money to spend. The subscription is about $3 monthly. It is controlled by Sonia Weiser and new writers who cannot afford the subscription fee can get sponsored by others. Apart from sharing freelance writing jobs, she also offers career advice and information about how the gig market works.

These are the top five places to get freelance writing jobs from home. There are many other free platforms where you can get writing gigs. However, you may not get reliable clients on these free platforms.

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