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New freelancers may find it challenging to find writing jobs that fit their interests with limited experience. Opportunities for new writers exist, but you need to know where to find them.

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make?

'How much does a freelance writer earn?' is a popular question among freelance beginners and people looking for a job. Being a self-employed worker, payment to freelance writers is seasonal, except for an exclusive client-freelancer agreement. Although the question is so popular, many beginners do not consider their skill level for freelance writing, which is a significant factor determining the amount paid to freelancers and getting a job at all. 

Writing is not an easy task; this is why many people would rather hire a freelancer than write themselves. Since it is an undesirable work, should the price not be high? Should it be charged per word? Or Per line? Or per sentence? Or per paragraph? Or per page? Or per hour? But, as stated earlier, a writer's skill goes a long way to determine the amount he would be paid. 

Also, the nature or type of writing determines the price. For example, a research report will be more costly than an article on a blog site. This is because a lot of work goes into research report writing than the latter.

According to the demand and supply law of Economics, higher price causes higher supply.  This means we have a bigger pool of freelancers. This results in a drop in the average price paid for such services.

 Although this has exceptions to it, on a general level, the number of qualified freelancers available determines the amount paid. A freelancer's marketing skill, branding, and reviews from previous clients can also determine how much he will be paid. 

Poor marketing by a freelancer is less likely to get a reasonable pay even if he delivers quality writing to clients. We all judge a book by its cover, even though we claim otherwise. A client must see something attractive to pay so much money for it. Otherwise, they will ignore it. 

In 2017, research showed that entry-level freelance writers earned about $15 per hour, while experts and highly sought after freelancers earned about $100 per hour. For highly skilled writers, it is essential to research how much other freelancers are earning. The knowledge of experts' earnings will help you not to undercharge or overcharge. 

Overcharging can make clients avoid you or see you as amateurs or, even worse, a ridiculous freelancer. Undercharging will also not benefit you. Aside from losing a substantial amount of money, clients may assume you are not really skilled or just a beginner and may even go for other writers who are not as good as you. 

As a freelancer, self-development and writing skills acquisition is essential and more critical for a beginner. Consistent creativity will determine how far a freelancer will go in the business of writing.


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