Where we are

We are located in Preci, little town of Valnerina county, within the National Park of Sibillini mounts, 600 meters (2000 ft) above mean sea level.

The town still shows the typical features of the sixteenth - century fortified villages, built on high grounds.

Its history takes its origin back in 1232, but after several times it was torn apart, its latest reconstruction can be associated with the rising fame throughout Europe of medical doctors from Preci. Within the walls of the new castle, the wealthy and rich families of medical doctors built very charming palaces.

The cozy city center is characterized by a thick net of tiny little streets and lanes that kind of climb up until reaching the main "piazza", where the cathedral proudly stands.


The Scacchi neighborhood, named after the Palace of the famous Scacchi family, is located in the upper part of the town. Durante Scacchi, born in Preci in 1540, started his career as a physician by the roman nobility, where he would brag of having built his Palace in Preci with just three stones, referring to the big money he earned when he removed three kidney stones from a very wealthy person in Preci. Today, the same palace, thanks also to a careful refurbishment and remodeling process taking into high consideration its history and its traditional beauty, hosts our hotel.

There is an inscription on a stone that is a part of a window frame, which states: "“SUAE AC AMICORUM COMODITATI” (for his comfort and his friends'), motto that we saved as a rule so to offer you an high - quality stay to make you feel as you were home.


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